Concerts, weddings, and plain old partying take on a different form in Buffalo, NY. Our bars are open until 4a.m., there are plenty of unique views and photo opportunities in the area, and the city exudes fun throughout the entire year, despite any harsh weather.

The city is versatile, consisting of a myriad of demographics and preferences; Buffalonians are no strangers to a great time, and regardless of your interests, there is almost always something fun to do. This makes any event perfect for a luxurious car, limo bus, or limousine. This may be why you always see limo buses and hummers parked outside of The Hotel at Lafayette and Statler City, two of Buffalo's most popular wedding venues.

With so many fun summer events on the horizon, here is a list of ten reasons to rent a limousine for a fun night out on the town.

10.) Your group or wedding party can ride together as one, growing the camaraderie and socialization of the night.

9.) V.I.P.  Your group appears to the event in style, looking and feeling like a group of particular importance and worth.

8.) Two Words: Buffalo Parking.

7.) Luxurious accommodations create an exciting and enjoying ride that will help add excitement to the night, and make it more memorable.

6.) Everyone can enjoy drinks without having to worry about designated drivers.

5.) In a luxury car, you can take the party with you after the event; your options are almost unlimited.

4.) People expect limos for events like weddings and graduations, but you don’t always see them for concerts, birthdays, and anniversaries. Renting an exotic car or a limo bus is a great way to celebrate a common event in a unique way.

3.) Riding in a limousine is the only way you can enjoy alcoholic beverages while on the road; drink on the way to your event!

2.) It gives you an excuse to dress up in nice clothes, yet party like an 18 year old.

1.) You get to ride in a limo!